Essentials, Pasta

Pasta dough

This is a basic recipe for egg based pasta dough.
If you have access to a vacuum sealer machine I would definitely recommend to vacuum seal the dough after it’s kneaded as this helps the flour hydration / resting further.

The recipe makes roughly 420 g finished dough, which should be enough for a dinner main dish for 4 people.

Ingredients for Pasta dough:

250 g Tipo 00 pasta flour
125 g egg yolks, roughly 7 large eggs
1 large egg
13 g extra-virgin olive oil
15 g whole milk
1/4 tsp salt

How to make Pasta dough:
Start by making a round mound of the flour in the middle of your work-bench. Take away some of the flour, maybe 1/8th or so… so that you can add this back to the dough should it be too wet.
Make a big hole in the middle of the mound, big enough for all the other ingredients, so you basically end up with a thick ring of flour.
Add the rest of the ingredients in the middle of this hole.
Start mixing everything together in the well with a fork or your fingers. Gradually pull in more and more flour until everything comes together in a wet dough. It’s almost essential to have a plastic bench scraper at this stage to be able to scrape the wet dough and flour off the bench and it’s also useful at the start to handle the dough.
Once it all comes together start using your hands to knead it. Use the heal of your hand to knead and keep folding it over and kneading away from you. Knead like this for 5 minutes.

At this stage the dough should be ready. Either put in a plastic bag and let it rest in the fridge for about 5 hours, or vacuum pack.


Garlic Confit

Garlic confit is a great pantry staple and very easy to make. It can be used to flavour mashed potatoes, stirred into soup or simply spread on a piece of toasted baguette. The garlic confit can be stored in the fridge for about a month (completely submerged in the oil) and the oil can be used for other purposes, for instance dressings.

Ingredients for the garlic confit:
About 45 peeled garlic cloves (roughly equal in size)
About 500 ml rapeseed oil

Preparing the garlic confit:
Place the peeled garlic cloves in a small saucepan and add enough oil to cover them by about 2 cm. Make sure that none of the garlic cloves are poking through the oil, if necessary add more oil.
Place the saucepan over medium-low heat. If you have a gas burner use a diffuser to lower the heat. The garlic should cook very gently, look out for very small bubbles in the oil.
Cook for about 40 minutes and give the cloves a stir every 5 minutes or so. After 40 minutes pick up one of the cloves with your spoon and pierce it with a paring knife, it should be completely tender if they are done.
Remove from the heat and let the garlic cool in the oil.
Transfer to a jar and poor over the oil, make sure that the garlic confit is submerged in the oil. Refrigerate for up to one month.


Clarified butter

This was easy to make, took about 20 minutes. I need it for Hollandaise sauce that I will make some time soon…
I sieved the butter first through a cheesecloth lined sieve over a Pyrex jug and then from jug to plastic container lined with cheesecloth, this gave me a very clear clarified butter with almost none of the milk solids. I used Unsalted butter because I read that it yields more than Salted butter once clarified, and I usually use Unsalted butter anyway.

250 grams of President Unsalted butter gave me 170 grams of clarified butter.

There are many guides online on how to make clarified butter, like this one or this one.