Wild Yeast

wildyeastWild Apricot Yeast, Day 1
125 g dried organic apricots (the brown ones, not yellow)
50 g honey (locally sourced, not runny)
25 g sugar
250 g tepid spring water (I used Evian)

wildyeast1Day 5
After five days in the jar we can see that the apricots have plumped up nicely and are floating on the surface. When shaking the jar lots of small bubbles (like Champagne) rise to the surface.
The liquid smells a bit boozy, like a liqueur.

wildyeast2The mixture is sieved.
This recipe yielded 150 ml finished wild yeast.

wildyeast3Finally decanted into a bottle. Apparently it will keep for about 2 months in the fridge but the yeast power will be best within a month.

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