Parmesan crisps

Supereasy to do and very nice to a number of Italian dishes. I had it with risotto and parmaham rolls so far.

You need:
A good Parmigiano Reggiano (a.k.a. parmesan)
Something to grate it with

How it’s made:
Put a bakingpaper on a bakingtray. Grate the cheese on a plate or something. Put little round piles of the grated cheese on the bakingtray. A trick is to make the piles quite small and thin, this makes the crisps crispier. Bake for about 5 minutes at 175 degrees C. The crisps should be nice and a bit brown. Pull them off with a knife or something, be quite careful not to break them. Directly put them on a piece of kitchen paper for a bit to dry off any fat. Done!

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